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CCI Edit Report
Mediation Preparation
Deposition Questions
Preliminary Billing/Coding Documentation Review
Comprehensive Billing/Coding Documentation Review
This “Red Flag” report reviews billing and coding to locate and highlight those charges which are clearly improper and can be disputed with a very high degree of certainty.  This basic review can yield significant results in identifying improper billing.  Excellent tool for assisting in claims evaluations and/or negotiations.
Helps counsel target key information necessary to confirm abusive billing practices. Get the maximum benefit from your deposition of the physician, medical office manager or billing personnel.  Asking the right questions can make all the difference.
Presentation ready information which allows counsel to effectively substantiate excessive or abusive provider billing practices.
This is the most comprehensive and detailed review of the medical documentation. A complete report with attachments and references will identify abusive and/or improper billing, along with exhibit documents.
This report can show when there is a pattern of abuse in multiple claims.  It is possible to show that your case is not an isolated instance of abuse.
This includes and builds upon the CCI Edit report, by looking into CPT codes and Diagnostic codes to identify inappropriate billing based on the medical documentation.