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CCI (A.M.A. Correct Coding Initiative) Edits - Medical billing and coding is data entered and a Red Flag report is issued identifying inappropriate CPT coding usage, such as unbundling, fragmenting, etc.
Preliminary Billing/Coding Documentation Review - (WORK PRODUCT) A powerful preliminary evaluation is performed to determine whether sufficient justification exists by the medical documentation. An effective summary of findings includes a red flag summary (see above).
Mediation Preparation - Presentation-ready information describing key issues with brief descriptions allowing counsel to effectively refute unnecessary or inappropriate billing.
Deposition Questions - Targeted questions are designed to illicit important key information to uncover and/or document abusive billing/procedures.
Comprehensive Billing/Coding Documentation Review - This is the most authoritative review of the billing/coding & documentation. A complete report with attachments & references will be provided, along with exhibit documents. This report will be Trial-Ready
Deposition/Trial Testimony - Deposition and/or Trial Testimony of Expert.
Patterning - Not restricted to a single file/case. This service demonstrates patterning of abuse by provider, and/or medical facility.
Expert's attendance with Counsel at Deposition involving opposing witnesses.
Bate Stamp/Watermark of documents for trial/exhibits.
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